Koramangala and Shopping: More Than What You Can Think Of

Service Apartments Koramangala,  Koramangala in Bangalore is each shopper’s heaven. Extravagant shops line either side of the complicated network of rear ways and roads in this piece of the metropolis. Koramangala is the ideal spot to enjoy window shopping since the vast majority of the shops have tremendous glass windows showing their best merchandise. Obviously, this implies you will surrender the temptation to claim it a bigger number of times than you can tally. Service apartments in Koramangala are where you can stay at.

A Visit to Royal Meenakshi Mall:-

Forum Mall is a celebrated landmark of this zone. The rambling mall has numerous prominent stores like Shoppers Stop, Westside, Levi’s, Mac, and so on. Catch your preferred flicks at PVR Cinemas in Forum. Koramangala is likewise famous in Bangalore for its assortment of eateries with cuisine from around the world. You can visit Royal Meenakshi Mall where you can hang out with your family.

The visit to Infant Jesus Shrine:-

Regardless of whether you’re visiting Koramangala for a couple of days or are a localite, Koramangala is certain to have something new for you. Travel around with online guide that enlightens you concerning the best tourist places to visit and activities in Koramangala. The first place can be the Infant Jesus Shrine. It is in the Bazar street.

The Wonderful View in Kaikondrahalli Lake:-

This guide will give you a thought regarding the famous attractions, up and coming tourist spots, and odd activities in Koramangala. The Kaikondrahalli Lake is one of them. There are an incorporated list of cool stuff to do in Kaikondrahalli Lake remembering the focal points for groups, families, and romantic couples. Looking at the exercises for experience addicts in Koramangala recorded here will get the blood hurrying and adrenaline rushes through your veins.

Last Words:-

Look at free places to visit in Service Apartments Koramangala which you can visit without spending a penny. Handpicked tours, excursions and day trips in Koramangala will make your visit agreeable. You will likewise locate the opening and shutting time, alongside the time required to cover significant attractions.

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A paradise for solo travellers especially if you are girl, Bangalore

Travelling is surely a fun thing but it is also one of the experiences you gain to have life lessons, the things you see while going to different places or the situations you get to see while travelling is sometimes a life awakening experience. The best way to experience life while travelling is going on a solo trip once in a while. Yes, you may think or the people around you may think that solo travelling is not safe, how you would handle the situations being alone, what if there comes any emergency where you will need someone or doing things alone is not possible? Well, not to worry becomes some cities are very much safe for travelling especially for females and one of those cities is Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state which is a perfect mix of culture and technology makes it a perfect place to visit even alone. Some of the things that you must do while in Service Apartments Bangalore are listed below:

1. Travelling is easy in Bangalore:
In a new place travelling from one place to another is a task since you do not know the place exactly but with the help of Maps and various ways of transport such as autos, buses and even cabs. You can get different ways of communication depending on your budget.

2. Various hangout places:
Service Apartments in HSR Layout has a very culture and one of the cultures which need to be mentioned here is the cafe culture. You can get a lot of hangout places nearby where you can just go for coffee or some light snacks and spend some quality me time with yourself as we all know how amazing it is to have some me time.

3. Gear up foodies since you are getting a lot of options:
When it comes to food, the Bangaloreans love to eat and they have a lot of varieties in their food plus you can get both healthy and filling options when it comes to lunch or dinner. No matter where you are eating be it on local roadside food or in fine dining restaurants, you won’t get disappointed.

4. Street markets are the best if you like different pieces:
With the online shopping websites, almost everything is under our reach now but if you like to have unique pieces be it in jewellery or the show-pieces you can have it here in Bangalore. The street shops at MG road and Brigade road are very colourful and attractive; no one can simply resist these shops.

5. Take a break and just relax:
The garden city has a lot to offer to its tourists, so if you are here to relax and chill you must visit the spa which will actually rejuvenate your soul giving you the mental peace you need in your life. The Spas are amazing in Bangalore and they give the best services to all its customers.

When it comes to solo travelling, choosing a safe to stay comfortable is important, hence for your comfort you can stay in the Service apartment Bangalore where you get to live in a gated society with all the comforts you get at home.

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How to pack light for a business trip

Many people frequently travel because of their business or job requirements. It becomes difficult for them to carry too many bags and extra luggage as business trips are already very exhausting. It does not matter if it is your first business trip or it has been long that you are travelling for business purpose, but packing aptly for a business trip is an essential skill. As it is vital that you not forget any of your work-related file, your ID proof, business cards, and much more. So let us learn some quick tips for packing your stuff for a business trip-

1) Choose the correct bag- You will have to choose what kind and size of bag you would need. If you want to keep your ironed shirts and suits, then you would have to carry a suitcase. If this trip is just for one day, you can take a small travelling bag which would be enough or you can carry a small hanger bag which would serve best. Each bag has its advantages and disadvantages, duffel bags are easy to carry and have good space but would leave your ironed shorts crushed. Also ensure that as it is your business trip the appearance of the bag also matters, it should be stylish along with being aesthetic.

2) Make a list- The best thing can be preparing a list of the things that you would need from morning till the time you sleep. This way, you would not miss out on anything. You can prepare something like a checklist and tick on these that you have kept. So that you do not forget things like chargers, passport, IDproof, etc.

3) Toiletries- Ensure that you make a proper kit of toiletries and do not forget crucial things like lenses, shampoo, face wash, lens kit, etc 

These were the main things to keep in mind. Also, you can book a Service Apartments in Bangalore for your stay as it would cost you less, but also give you the benefits of staying in a good hotel.Service apartments in HSR layout can also be a good choice.
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Tips for Easy Business Travel

Travelling is fun for most of the people but it does not stay the same if you travel for your business frequently. It becomes really tiring for most of the businessmen who have to go on business trips every now and then. There are many things that come their way such as packing frequently, sleeping in planes (which is not very comfortable), stick to the gadgets and sometimes even feeling lonely. When you travel for business at times there are so many things in mind such as meeting to attend, plan to execute, events, etc. 

So, keeping all these things in mind, here are few tips for business people which would make travelling easy-

1) Ensure keeping passport and other documents in a folder- As you travel regularly, the first thing one should do is keeping the passport and additional important ID Proofs together at one place so that you do not miss out on it, in case if you have to travel in a short time. Also, another thing is to keep checking if you still have pages left on your passport and check if it has not expired, so that at the end moment you do not have any trouble. In case a visa is required, apply it before time to avoid end minute problem.

2) Stay- The most essential part of travelling is your stay which should be comfortable and less expensive. For this you should always opt for a service apartment rather than a hotel as it is cheaper, gives all the facilities required. All the more it would give you a home like feeling. Additionally, if you are more than one person travelling, it becomes very reasonable, and you can book an apartment according to the people, for eg, 1bhk or 2bhk, etc.You get great amenities in service apartments. There are many service apartments Bangalore which give excellent facilities like a kitchen where you can cook on your own, wi-fi, Tv, room service, neat and clean beds and at times even a washing machine. So, always think of all the options before booking a place to stay. 

3) Packing- While packing the bags, ensure that you pack light to make your travel convenient and stress-free. The best thing you can do while packing is folding and keep your shirts in a newspaper or the bag which dry cleaner gives. It would avoid wrinkling of your clothes. Ensure that you keep all the electronic items in the check-in baggage to prevent opening and shifting stuff at the airport. If you are a frequent traveller, assure keeping an eye fold, headphones or things which make you feel even more comfortable. Do not forget to keep first aid and extra toiletries to make your travel trouble-free.

So, these were few things to keep in mind to make your travel simple, easy and hassle-free. You can also book service apartments in HSR layout for a great stay during your business travel. 
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1891-D, 25th A Cross, 19th Main Road,
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Bangalore Calling? Witness the Best of The City

One of the largest cities in India, Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru. Unlike most southern cities, Bangalore is a rapidly growing modern city and the center of the information industry in India. Here are the offices of the largest transnational corporations. Bangalore is often called the “Indian Silicon Valley” and is considered one of the most attractive places for doing business in Asian countries. The city is largely cosmopolitan and rich in terms of interesting buildings, Service Apartments Bangalore and represents the future of India. Below you can find out brief information about the history, climate and sights of Bangalore.

Bangalore Airport
In 2008, a new Bangalore International Airport was opened in Bangalore, located 40 km from the city center. Travel time takes from one to two hours, depending on the intensity of movement. The cost of a taxi from the city center is on average about 800 rupees one way. Given the high prices for taxis, most passengers prefer to use the services of transfer buses, which depart every 15 minutes. The fare on the bus is 100-200 rupees one way.
Bangalore Transport
The most common type of transport in Bangalore areautorkshies. Taxis are available only by reservation, which is quite convenient if you are going to make a long excursion. Another alternative and cheapest form of transport is the bus, where you can also arrange a mini-tour.

Bangalore Attractions
In Bangalore, you can visit the beautiful LalBagh Botanical Garden located under the glass roof, open daily from 7 am. Among the architectural sights, you can visit the Tipu Sultan Fort, explore the parliament building, the Bangalore Palace, as well as the Venkatappa Art Gallery. If you are traveling with children, then special attention should be paid to the Museum of Science. In addition, the Government of Karnataka organizes regular tours of Bangalore and its surroundings. You can also take a trip out of town, where you can ride an elephant on the territory of the National Park Bannerghatta.In addition, Bangalore is famous for Service Apartments in HSR Layout, its numerous restaurants and pubs, as well as nightclubs (of which there are over 200).

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Guide to choosing a budgeted service apartment

Serviced flats are presently getting increasingly well known as a second choice to the hotel rooms. Budgeted service flats appeal and attract leisure or business travelers who need short to medium term accommodation, but these clients don’t just like the unnatural and limited climate of the hotels.
So, service apartments are implied for those who need independence, space and the feel of normal living. Here is the tricky portion. There are numerous benefit flats accessible so one can be confused about how to discover which is the finest choice and how to select the most excellent serviced apartment supplier so that one can have a fulfilling and delightful stay.
In this article, we have given a few valuable tips which will be able to assist you to altogether assess and compare the services provided by service apartments Bangalore and choose one according to your budget.

Here are a few tips:-
Checking different websites: There are numerous websites which provide different rates for apartments. Make sure once you know which apartment you want to go ahead with, you check the website for pricing.
Comparison with other websites: Different websites provide different rates in regards to have better sales and good commission. So before you make your decision, go through all the websites and compare them, so you don’t have to compromise on the pricing part.
Cost effective: On the off chance that you’re trying to find a place to stay which gives you a home like feeling, at that point there’s no way better alternative than service apartments at a typical cost. These service apartments have proven to be quite cost-effective than any other private accommodation or hotel.. You can also check reasonable service apartments in HSR Layout.
Discount and Coupons: As the websites have made easy to choose an apartment, they also give lower prices than the normal dealers. With that, several websites also provide numerous discount coupons through which you can get extra benefit and can get the apartment at a budgeted price.Make sure you check these things before deciding to stay in an apartment.

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Service Apartments Bangalore

Bangalore Calling: You’re Explorations

Bangalore is called the “Silicon Valley” of India, the city received this name because of the large number of high-tech factories located in its territory. But the city attracts tourists not at all by the variety of industrial centers and Service Apartments Bangalore, but by a multitude of historical and architectural monuments.OLIVE SERVICE APARTMENTS


The Bangalore Metro or Namma Metro (translated as Our Metro) opened just a couple of years ago and consists of two lines running from north to south and from west to east. Also, the use of buses is complicated by the fact that you can hardly read the information on the route and destination written on them.

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Main attractions:

One of the main attractions is the Cabana Museum named after the country’s chief commissar. It was founded in 1864 and is located in the central part of the city. From all sides the museum is surrounded by a park of the same name. The park also houses the state museum, which stores collections of coins, sculptures and ceramic products.
Another attraction is the Planetarium, built in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jawaharlal Nehru (he was the country’s first prime minister).
The Lalbagh garden, near by the Service Apartments Bangalore, where more than a thousand species of flowers and trees are represented, is considered to be a true example of untouched nature. Roses here alone have more than one and a half hundred species, and the main decoration of the garden is an artificial pond in which magnificent lotuses grow.




Travelers who love unusual entertainment in Bangalore should visit the “Snow City”. This is the name of one of the most original entertainment centers of the city, in which visitors are invited to play snowballs and ride from the real snow slides at any time of the year. All visitors to the center are provided with warm clothing for hire, so you can look here even at the height of a hot summer day.

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1891-D, 25th A Cross, 19th Main Road,
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